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This is the Story of How I Got Bit With the Old Iron Bug.

   It all started off when I to my first tractor pull. I was walking around all of the tractors when I saw it, a John Deere model G! Immediately the bug hit me and my blood became green, with yellow wheels! I just could not get over what a nice tractor it was, and from that time on the hunt was on.

   The only problem was I had was I had no money! I was only twelve years old and money did not come very fast. So I spent all of my free time working, raising goats, and even took it a step further and sold my trusty old Belgian draft horse, Doll, and her stud colt, Bob.

   I just had to have a John Deere G. Now the hunt was really on. I had been looking around before this point and knew where there was a John Deere GM. We made arrangements to go take a look at the tractor, and as soon as we drove up to the yard I saw it and just about had a heart attack.

   There it was, a John Deere G. I got out and the tractor was not what the man had said, the tractor was much better! The tractor had just been overhauled and ran great. It just needed the carb and mag rebuilt. I gave him a deposit on the tractor and said we would be back in week or so and headed home.

   Boy was I happy, after all the work and dreaming, and after selling poor Doll & Bob my beloved horses! I now had something to show for it. My very own John Deere G. And so the week went on. We did not own a trailer so we had to find one to rent, and all we had was a little half ton pick up truck and a six thousand pound tractor to haul up some very steep mountains, but we were going to try it! So we were off to get my tractor. As we backed the tractor on the trailer the front end of the truck came right off the ground and to say the least the little Chevy was over loaded! But we were off and we made it home. It took a long time though, but the old Chevy did it. Now I had my G home. I went for a drive and ran out of gas, but I was so happy to be driving my very own John Deere G.

   Now I have had my tractor for about three years and I have gone on to win first place at the very same tractor pull where I first saw my very first John Deere G and where the bug bit me! "Classic Tractor Fever"

Stephen Guillemette

Classic Tractor Fever!
Stephen Guillemette

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